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German Newspapers in America and Germany

List generated by participants in this topic area during the International German Genealogy Partnership Conference

compiled by Gail Blankenau IGGP 2021:

I am not going to list the separate German-language newspapers in Chronicling America, as you filter the titles from the main website for German-language newspapers here:

Links suggested during the virtual conference in chat form by Gail Blankenau, Heiko Hungerige, Roland zu Dortmund (a German group), André Hammann, Bryna O’Sullivan, Kim Ashford, Uwe Kerntopf, Sylvia Eichinger, Pat Munstock, and Debbie Hagner. I may have missed someone, so if you would like your name added, let me know.

1823 Regierungs und Intelligenz Blatt für das Königreich Baiern online

Georg Winkler of Ebermannstadt -- Beneficiary

Websites with hotlinks to a variety of German-language newspaper titles:

Alemania (Roland zu Dortmund) Zeitschrift (More of a journal - culture, etc.)

Advantage Preservation, a platform that many American local libraries have used to digitize their newspaper holdings. Map list of what newspapers they have: (Gail Blankenau)

Ancestor Hunt:

Brazil: Hotlink to German-language newspapers:

Brigham Young University:

Zeitpunkt for North-Rhine Westphalia: (also listed at BYU above NRW), but also Heiko Hungerige includes direct hotlink

Family Search (n)

German-North American Resources Partnership


(some of these are current newspapers not all historical).


Poland – Prussia – Stolp Link from Stolper Heitmatkreise e.V.:


Zeitschriften Datenbank: (Heiko Hungerige)

Zeitung on Wikisource:

ZEFYS (Berlin Library) (Note by GSB another one that is also listed at BYU – great site I use it often)

Other Newspaper hotlinks and titles, both local and regional:

Anno (Austria) Jurgen Sturma and Heiko Hungerige

Alemannia Zeitschrift: (Heiko Hungerige)

Iowa State Library:


Iowa, Luxemburger Gazette: You can find from the first hotlink, but was also included separately.

Deutsche Reichsanzeiger und Preussischer Staatsanzeiger

Richmond Virginia Anzeiger:

Sächsischen Heimatblätter (Note by GSB another one that is also listed at BYU – great site I use it often)

Mannheim University website: Deutscher Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger

Der Märker: The first 112 issues of "Der Märker" from 1951 to 1963 are available online. "Der Märker" is the regional journal for the area of the former county of Mark, including the parts of the present-day Märkischer Kreis in the Electorate of Cologne and Limburg.

Mennonite German newspapers: (some have wide coverage)

Mennonitische Blatter:

Mennonitische Rundschau:

The newspaper for first generation Russian Mennonites in North America (Not online but there is a PDF index with OCR search within it. Subject and person index! I have asked for obituaries and received them-Gail Blankenau)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

The Mindener Tageblatt archive

Minster, Mercer Co. Ohio“ (Kim Droesch)

Missouri Collection: and Virginia:

New Ulm, MN: "Der Fortschrift" both in German and English. No Hotlink.

Nebraska (these were published in Grand Island but with state coverage): Grand Island Anzeiger und Herold; Grand Island Anzeiger; Nebraska Staats-Anzeiger und Herold.

Stolp Kreis (County) Prussia, in present-day Poland,


Wisconsin Historical Society: Most are not digitized BUT reasonable cost for a search.

Intelligenzblaetter – an early form of newspaper

Some of these you can enter through the website hotlink above

See also Roland zu Dortmund a PDF that has great hotlinks:

More from Roland zu Dortmund:

Duisburger Intelligenz-Zettel, 1739–1767

Lippische Intelligenzblätter, 1767–1808

Fürstlich-Lippisches Intelligenzblatt, 1809–1842 34

Märkisches Intelligenzblatt, 1816

Königliches westphälisch-märkisches Intelligenzblatt, 1817-1833 (with gaps)

Mindensches Intelligenzblatt, 1816

Münsterisches Intelligenzblatt, 1763–1849

Zufallsfunde aus den Münsterischen Intelligenzblättern, 1800–1849

Paderbornsches Intelligenzblatt, 1774–1849

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